Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Importance of Investing in Black and Latino Entrepreneurs

Despite the statistics, black women in the venture capital investing community are starting to be a more frequent occurrence. Additionally, they are working tenaciously to ensure that black and Latino founders get funding, but not for reasons that you may suspect. Black Enterprise chatted with 500 Startups venture partner, Monique Woodard, who explained why she…

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3 Simple Steps To Scrubbing Your Budget

Staying on budget is not easy. It can be very difficult to stay committed to a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper or spreadsheet, but budgets are actually quite helpful. They are a snapshot of your financial situation at a given time, a road map that tells your money where to go. Budgets…

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BE Luxury: 9 Major Keys to Collecting Art

A valuable art collection is purposeful. Art appreciation is more than admiring pieces or acquiring solely to hold long-term. A diversified asset portfolio includes real estate, as well as collectibles, of which art is ideal. Here are a few tips for art lovers and collectors. Gallery-worthy art in family-friendly Carnegie Hill, Manhattan, New York (Image:…

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