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Powerful lobbyists swoop in to save sacred tax break

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One of the most powerful lobbies in Washington is preparing a battle to preserve the strength of what has always been untouchable in the tax world: the mortgage interest deduction. Realtors, home builders and bankers have for decades successfully defended the $70 billion mortgage tax break, claiming that killing it would crater the housing market…

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Tapping Into the Wisdom of Baby Boomers

In the never-ending analysis of this of this year’s presidential election, one somewhat overlooked issue was the age of the candidates.  Yes, Donald Trump is the oldest president ever elected, but I mean age on a deeper level than that.  President Obama, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton were born in 1961, 1946, and 1947, respectively.…

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College-student status does not automatically mean excessive drinking

College matriculation is often associated with increases in the frequency and intensity of drinking. This study used a national sample to examine the association between being a college student and changes in excessive drinking from late adolescence through young adulthood and whether students’ residing with their parents during the school year affected the association.…

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