Are You Looking For A Senior Romance

If you are looking for a senior romance, you will have plenty of choice on how to find it. The hardest step is making the decision to look for a new partner. After that, everything else will be easier I promise.

So how can you increase your chances of success with senior dating?

1) Be open minded. You are not a supermodel in your twenties anymore so you may want to forget about looking for a Gregory Peck or Robert Mitchum model. Physical attraction is obviously important but so too is compatibility and shared interests. So stay open minded and try dating different people and see what happens.

2) Be realistic. You may have to date a number of Mr Wrongs before you meet Mr Right. But approach every situation with a positive attitude. He may not be a match for you but his brother or best friend may be the man you have been waiting for all of your life. Widening your circle of acquaintances is a great way to meet new people and you never know the next person just might be the one.


3) Take your time: Sure at our time in life you may feel that the clock is against you. But the standard dating rules still apply. The first time you meet someone new is not the right time to tell them your entire life history, warts and all. Take things slowly and progress at your own pace. Enjoy yourself and over time you will develop a sufficiently deep enough relationship in which you can share your darkest secrets. There is nothing more off putting than meeting someone for the first time who can only talk about their ex regardless of whether it is in glowing terms or not!

4) Look at senior dating as an adventure to be enjoyed. Join several different types of dating clubs from online sites to singles nights. Whatever takes your fancy, sign up and see do you enjoy it. You only live life once and you will be far more attractive to your potential partner if you are seen to be enjoying yourself.

5) Be truthful but don’t go overboard. Ok so this is a fine line but you just need to exercise caution. If you are going to put a photo anywhere, then pick a flattering but recent image. Sure you may have looked like Princess Grace when you were 20 but time has moved on since then. When asked to describe yourself, sell yourself a little but don’t go overboard. If you are a good cook then say so but don’t pretend to be a masterchef unless of course that is where your talents lie.

Having a great sense of humor is one way to see you through some of the more difficult dates you may have to go on when looking for a senior romance.

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