How To Preserve Vitality Through Healthy Aging

There is a common myth surrounding old age which states that it is a dull, boring time when people of frail bodies and stale minds live out their last remaining years in misery and solitude, abandoned and forgotten by their friends and loved ones. This myth has unfortunately been actively promoted by the media and…

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Yoga + Baby Boomers

= A Healthier Lifestyle How would you like to “come of age”? Nowadays, people are conscious of getting fit and healthy. This is just a normal response to every new and rare disease popping out or being discovered almost every day. What with the advancement of technology in the processing of the foods we eat…

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Trivial Pursuit Baby Boomers

Trivial Pursuit, Baby Boomers Edition – A Great Game for Families If you want a board game that the whole family can enjoy, the Edition is the board game for you. This board game is not only enjoyable, but it will also enhance your knowledge about the baby boomers generation. First of all, in order…

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