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Smart Baby Boomer Travelers

If you ask a representative sample of baby boomers that are approaching their retirement years what they are looking forward to the most about retirement, the most common answer that comes back is, ‘travel”. There is something about the romance and fun of travel that appeals to us as we think about stepping out of…

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Baby Boomer Values

Shapes Their Own Lives The baby boomers generation lived within a set of values. These values must be identified to challenge, correct and criticize them. Their attitudes towards the specific areas of their lives including relationships, beliefs, world events and politics form their value system. This system helps them to react and act on various…

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Baby Boomer Years

The Stories behind the Years of Australian Baby Boomer After the World War II (1945), the women and servicemen of Australia returned home. Their life that was interrupted for almost 6 years of conflicts during the war was resumed. The population revolution then started after nine months where childbirth rates surged more than 4 millions…

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