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A Peer Recovery Coach Walks The Frontlines Of The Opioid Epidemic

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Charlie Oen’s battle with addiction started when he was 16 and his family moved to Lima, Ohio. It was the last stop in a string of moves his military family made — from Panama to North Carolina, Kentucky, Texas and Germany. “I went toward a bad group because those were the people that accepted me,”…

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The Life Coaching Miracle

Do you feel like you”re on a slump lately? Most of the time we want so many things that we don’t know which road to take; more often than not we find out that if we put our mind into it we can actually succeed in numerous career choices. This new found realization makes things…

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Twilight And Life Coaching

Have you read the best selling novel Twilight? A lot of people are going crazy over Edward and Bella. What does this have to do with life coaching? Read on to find out. Bella Swan Bella is the heroin of the series. She is bright, shy, insecure, intelligent, quiet, clumsy, and beautiful. The book begins…

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