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Aging With Grace And Dignity Is A Matter Of Self Confidence

Aging inevitably changes us. There are ways that we can combat many common effects of aging, though. The tips given below can be implemented at any age. They will help slow down or avoid serious problems that often come during the aging process. Take resveratrol. Researchers have found some promising connections between calorie restricted diets…

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Healthy Aging – Tips on Coping With Depression

It is normal to feel sad over the loss of loved ones, your career, mobility or independence over weeks and even months. However, extended grief that causes you to lose joy and hope is not a normal result of the bereavement process – it is called depression. Many seniors deal with depression Depression in older…

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Healthy Aging Tips – Coping With Change

Coping with change is tough, whatever your age. Even so, older adults face a much larger number of transitions and changes that may include loss of family members, friends, career, health, and independence. It’s quite normal to feel bad about and even grieve these losses. However, it is only when this sense of loss is…

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